5 Delicious Meals from Lebanese Cuisine

5 Delicious Meals from Lebanese Cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine has both satisfying and mouthwatering dishes. Are you ready to go on a journey to the colorful, delicious, and healthy world of Lebanese cuisine dishes? If yes, let’s start! Here is the Lebanese cuisine food list we have compiled for you:

1. Lebanese Kabab: 4 skewers of minced lamb meat seasoned with onion and parsley, served with grilled vegetables, burghul.

2. Hommus: Chickpeas slowly cooked and blended with tahina, lemon, and olive oil.

3. Kibbeh Bil Laban: Kibbeh and meat-filled pastry in a delicious cooked yoghurt, coriander, and garlic dip with a side of basmati rice.

4. Fattoush: Fresh vegetables topped with toasted bread, sumac, lemon, and molasses pomegranate.

5. Falafel: Grinded chickpeas and fava balls mixed with coriander, cumin; fried and served
with red pickles and tahina sauce.

In this list, we have only included 5 of the unique dishes of the Lebanese cuisine. If you want to taste these delicious dishes and much more, you can easily create your order by visiting the website (www.alhallabtr.com) of Istanbul’s best Lebanese cuisine restaurant.

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