5 Healthy Salads of Lebanon

5 Healthy Salads of Lebanon

Traditional Lebanese Salads are fresh, light and tasty.

Alhallabtr makes use of a large assortment of fresh leaves, herbs, vegetables and fruits to make tasty salads. Especially, since it’s summer, salads are the perfect choice of food to beat the heat and stay in shape. Also, Alhallabtr’s salads are healthy, rich, tasty and super-green with pure Lebanese origins that is known for their spicy-tangy kick.

If you are health-conscious, all you need is low calorie meals. And don’t forget, low calorie meals could be tasty too.

If you are looking for low calorie meals, here are 5 of the best Alhallabtr’s summer salads!

1. Fattoush
2. Tabouleh
3. Tabouleh Quinoa
4. Rocca & Zahtar
5. Bakleh

Sumac, Lemon, Mint, Vinegar all together make a fresh and healthy salad dressing. All Alhallabtr’s healthy salad dressings are a combination of lemon, virgin olive oil and colorful spices.

You can also have healthy meal plans! Alhallabtr salads are made with highest-quality ingredients. They are bright and vibrant in flavor and can be served either as a side dish or a light lunch. Make up healthy meal plans for your lunch or dinner with these extremely appetizing salads.

You can enjoy your favorite salads through Alhallabtr Online Ordering System deliveried safely to your door! Alhallabtr Online Ordering System is super fast and convenient!

You can visit www.alhallabtr.com to order your favorite authentic Lebanese summer salads!

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