An Extraordinary Fine Dining Experience

An Extraordinary Fine Dining Experience

Alhallabtr Fişekhane
An Extraordinary Fine Dining Experience


Prioritizing family over other obligations and commitments is an important element of finding quality time together as a family. This may mean establishing work boundaries and taking time away from technology.

As schedules get busy and kids get older, parents prioritize having meals together as a family so that they can establish and maintain secure relationships.
Where to create quality time with family?

If you are looking for a cool place to spend afternoon with your family then Alhallabtr Fişekhane is the place. Located in Fişekhane, Büyükyalı where hundreds of years of history come to life, the restaurant has a comfortable and inviting ambiance with a modern touch and before anything else, the food is delicious!

If you want to drink n dine over a weekend night with friends, head to Alhallabtr Fişekhane. A huge restaurant with spectacular interiors which fascinates people of all age groups. Out of the box decor, original yum dishes, a well-stocked bar, good serving size, polite and efficient staff—these are what await you in the historical atmosphere of Fişekhane.



Planning a business lunch or corporate dinner?
Choosing a restaurant drink n dine can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it involves a corporate or business event with prospective clients and business colleagues.
Whether you are going to lunch with colleagues, or to a half-yearly review with an employee or maybe a dinner with a very important and influential client, you should really plan ahead and choose the appropriate place for the meeting.

Pick a restaurant that’s easy to locate, since getting lost may lead to some tension and delays. Choose a restaurant which offers a big variety of choices or traditional favorites (chicken, meat, seafood, fish and vegetarian), where all of your guests will find something according to their taste and preferences.
Surprisingly, Alhallabtr Fişekhane meets all the criteria and offers collection of the best corporate dining concepts suitable for every type of business event, from large conferences to corporate Christmas parties and small business meetings. In terms of location, the restaurant is situated in one of the most popular and accessible neighborhoods in Istanbul.



Alhallabtr Fişekhane is an up to the mark choice for a modern-day hangout or occasion to impress youngsters, adults, families, friends and colleagues. It is still up to you to decide where to start enjoying your mealtime to the fullest.


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