Differences & Similarites of Turkish & Lebanese Cuisine

Differences & Similarites of Turkish & Lebanese Cuisine

Despite not sharing a physical border,  Turkey and Lebanon have a common history. With the expansionism of Ottoman Empire, Turkish culture began to merge with its Middle Eastern neighbours’ lifestyles.

The togetherness under the same flag took about 500 years – long enough to inspire each other, huh?-   Like many other aspects, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine regionally overlap.

Lebanese cuisine would offer similar dishes -yet so different! Some dishes are region specific and flavoring techniques change from East to Southeast of Turkey as an example.  . The finger-licking tastes of cuisines are just prepared and spiced a bit diversely.  It’s like different artists’ interpretations of the same masterpiece!

Both Turkish and Lebanese kitchens reflect the diverese use of vegetables (both offer many options to vegetarians), yoghurt, bulghur, pulses, vegetable oils and butter, meats and significantly, the spices!

Apart from the Turkish cuisines chili pepper and paprika usage, you may typically experience thyme, cinnamon and allspice more often in Lebanese kitchen. Tahini, for example, may be perceptible more  Lebanese cuisine. Al Hallab’s’Hommus Bil Lahme’’ is a perfect example to experience the difference. While enjoying the tasty kababs of Lebanon at Al Hallab, you will be surprised by the sweet authentic pistachio flovor added to the ingredients.


Hommus Bin Lahme

And finally the desserts! Both Turkish and Lebanese cuisines include loads of nuts. ‘Lebanese Baklawa’ for example, is very similar to its Turkish version but the aromatic rose water and the dry crispy layers are distint and worth trying at Al Hallab. Flavorful  tastes awaits you to discover at Al Hallab.




If you are familiar with Turkish cuisine, subtle differences in Lebanese food will give you a different perspective and unexplored  tastes of the same geography. If you haven’t tried Lebanese cuisine yet, Alhallabtr awaits you with two welcoming restaurants – first restaurant of AlHallab is in Nişantaşı and a new branch has been recently  opened in Fişekhane, Zeytinburnu– both located in Istanbul. The restaurants offer you the chance of comparing Turkish food with authentic Lebanese flavors!


PS: Wearing your headphones and listening to Fairouz’s’Le Beirut’’ will multiply the pleasure!


Al Hallab Fisekhane

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