Discover Some Lebanese Food Traditions 

Discover Some Lebanese Food Traditions 

Discover Some Lebanese Food Traditions

Lebanese cuisine is considered to be a stunning product of the country, Lebanese people and history.
Menus are overwhelming to those who are not so familiar with this must-try cuisine with a diverse set of unfamiliar ingredients.
This may cause many people to avoid some of Lebanon’s most gorgeous and delicious dishes.
Important ingredients in Lebanese cuisine found in most of the dishes are:



Orange Blossom Water

These unique ingredients are full of full-flavored and aromatic, giving Lebanese food their signature flavor.

Lebanese diverse dishes are shared by all the guests at the table and this is where Mezze comes in.
You’ll never see a person who says “I’ll go with the kebab!”.
On the other hand, Western culture is so individualized, which means each person orders their own starter and main course.

Cold dishes and salads usually arrive first, then the hot mezzes, and finally the barbecued meats if you want to have them.

In Lebanon, it looks so awkward if one guest wants to eat individually while the others order to eat by consensus having dozens of mezzes for one whole meal.
The true Lebanese food experience is sharing the food as well as sharing the joy of life together.
This is the only way you can eat when you go to a Lebanese restaurant. It is a lot more relaxed and incredibly sociable.

Most of the mezzes are eaten with the right hand, using broken pieces of bread or lettuce as scoops.
For example, tabbouleh, a popular salad made with bulgur wheat, parsley, minced onions, diced tomatoes, and other vegetables, is eaten with a lettuce scoop.
Lebanese flat bread, Khobez is a staple to every Lebanese meal and can be used in place of a fork.

You can discover all the charm of Lebanese hospitality at Al Hallab.

Lebanese dishes make Al Hallab a must-visit in Istanbul.
If you are interested in experiencing the authenticity of modern Lebanese in Istanbul, Al Hallab can gladly provide a memorable meal.
Al Hallab is ready to provide you with a culinary experience like no other!

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