Give Your Immune System a Boost with 3 Soothing Soups!

Give Your Immune System a Boost with 3 Soothing Soups!

The change of seasons is here!

Every day is a constant battle of what coat to wear, whether to bring an umbrella, and determining if the sniffle is due to allergies, or if we’ve caught the change of seasons cold and flu.

The change of seasons especially from summer to fall is a common time when people tend to catch cold and flu. Our body has to cope with and adjust to the fluctuating temperatures and extra stress brought about by the change of seasons, weakening our immune responses to viruses in the air.
Using Alhallabtr soups during the change of seasons strengthen your lungs and boost the immune system by protecting the system from respiratory viruses.
Alhallabtr nourishing chicken soup helps our bodies acclimatize to new temperatures, mainly through strengthening the lungs and building the immune power. Alhallabtr chicken soup is also excellent for those involved in active sports.

Alhallabtr chicken soup is made of orzo pasta and chicken in a smooth stock with vegetables and herbs. The combination tones, strengthens, and nourishes the body tissues.
Alhallabtr chicken soup is also a rich source of fluid and electrolytes, which are helpful if you’re at risk of dehydration due to vomiting, sweating, or fever.
All mushrooms are beneficial for their immune modulatory effects. Some mushrooms have effects on viruses and bacteria – useful from the common cold, to flu but also to HIV.


Alhallabtr mushroom soup is an excellent source of fiber; an important component in immune recipe bundles and a good source of B vitamins including Vitamin B12. Alhallabtr mushroom soup is considered to be an immune -supportive mushroom soup.
Alhallabtr lentil soup is one of the most fiber-rich foods you can find, having high contents of both soluble and insoluble fiber that helps you feel energized.


The onion and carrot used in the Alhallabtr lentil soup is a winning combination for helping your body fight off infections, such as the cold or flu.
Wanna avoid getting a cold or flu due to dramatic temperature changes?

Taste Alhallabtr healthy and nutritious soups RIGHT NOW!

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