How to Spend a Perfect Food-filled Weekend in Istanbul?

How to Spend a Perfect Food-filled Weekend in Istanbul?

How to Spend a Perfect Food-filled Weekend in Istanbul?

Finally, the weekend is almost upon us!
When you eat at home during the week, you’ll likely fall into a routine of eating the same things,

but eating out at a restaurant gives you the opportunity to have something different!
After a long week filled with work and/or school, you may prefer to eat out to have some time off from cooking.

There are many restaurants that you might go to during the weekends and sometimes

you find a different restaurant that you have never been to but which restaurant would you always go back to?
Well, the answer is clear to us!
If you end up eating out this weekend, make Al Hallab your restaurant of choice!

Why so? Let us tell you the reason.
Al Hallab is best known for its live music (performed on weekends),

but don’t forget that the menu includes incredible Lebanese items too, making Al Hallab the ideal place to dine regardless of what you’re in the mood for.

Enchanting tunes of oriental songs is the key element when it comes to setting the mood which eventually makes their Lebanese dishes taste even more flavorful.
Food is best when it is combined with live music and of course when you can enjoy it with your beloved ones.

Al Hallab is the best Lebanese place where you can spend your quality time and make the best memories in your entire life.

So, don’t hesitate to spend this weekend at Al Hallab with an elegant, fine dining experience of the highest quality.
But even if dining out isn’t on your agenda this weekend, remember that you can also place an order online with

Al Hallab Nişantaşı branch via Fuudy app too! It’s super easy and still takes away the pressure of having to cook – after you order, all you have to do is pick it up.
For more information about where you can find Al Hallab locations and its restaurant hours for weekends, see below:

[Al Hallab locations and weekend details are placed]

Bear in mind that live oriental music is ONLY performed at Fisekhane.
We hope to see you soon!

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