Lebanon’s Favorite Appetizer

Lebanon’s Favorite Appetizer

Falafel is an iconic Middle Eastern dish and a popular street food worldwide which is found on food trucks, at restaurants and grocery stores in every city.

It consists of fried spiced balls or patties of ground chickpeas or fava beans or a mixture of both stuffed into a pita or wrapped in laffa bread with hot sauce, tahini sauce, and generally some salad like combination of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, and yogurt.

The patties are naturally somewhat dry from the chickpeas and fava beans that is why they require a sauce to really help bring the flavor out. Traditionally, Falafel is eaten as a “mezze,” appetizer. It can be served on a salad, as a wrap or, even in a platter with rice and/or veggies.

Where Falafel originated depends on who you ask. It is very controversial. Every country of the Middle East will claim it as their own and truth is they all have unique and delicious variations on it. Regardless of where it originated, Falafel is iconic, and for a reason. It is vegan, healthy, delicious and loaded with protein and nutrients.

All the countries of the Middle East also argue over how the chickpea snack is made. Variations on the dish do exist. In Egypt, for example, fava beans are typically used, while Israeli Falafel sandwiches are usually made from chickpeas and include more accoutrements. Lebanon and Syria have a reputation for incorporating greater flair into their Falafel sandwiches, experimenting with different fillings and sauces, such as coleslaw, tomato herb salad and pickled turnips.

Where to find the best Falafel of Lebanon?

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