Looking for the ultimate Künefe experience in Istanbul?

Looking for the ultimate Künefe experience in Istanbul?

Looking for the ultimate Künefe experience in Istanbul?

One of those flavors that never feels to tickle your taste buds is Künefe.

Now, if you’re not quite familiar with Künefe, it’s simply a dessert flat pie and there are many variations across the Middle Eastern restaurants.

So, we have crunchy crust or soft, there’s cheese or clotted cream. But, the most common one that you will find in Istanbul is the cheese one.

Which genuine culture made the first cheese Künefe?

Some people say it’s originated in the Umayyad era in Syria and other people say that it was the Fatimid period in Egypt.
For those with a breakfast sweet tooth, you can opt for Lebanese Künefe.

In most regions, people eat Künefe for dessert only, but the Lebanese eat it for breakfast as well.

The Lebanese put the Künefe between bread to cut the uber-sweet, rich taste of the Künefe alone.

Try the Lebanese Künefe one morning and you’ll see that it’s certainly a treat.

Now, you can find Künefe everywhere in Istanbul as everyone’s favorite dish at the end of each meal is going to be Künefe.
When it’s done right like the way it’s made at Al Hallab,

even a person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth will find themselves just falling hopelessly in love with a slice of warm

Künefe with a touch of a unique unsalted cheese (Künefe) or a tasty home-made cream (Othmalieh Ashta).

So, when you’re in Istanbul, visiting Al Hallab for their Künefe is a rite of passage.
Al Hallab Künefe isn’t too sweet, thanks to the light sugar syrup, so it won’t burn your throat on the way down. Still, complimentary Arabic coffee is highly recommended.

This Lebanese restaurant is not just surreal, but it has that dream-like quality that must be seen to be believed.

You won’t be surprised that this spectacular place knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to the Künefe.
If you are craving Al Hallab Künefe now, simply visit either of the branches.

Al Hallab Nisantasi : +90 212 224 18 82 / +90 533 688 18 19
Harbiye Mahallesi, Abdi İpekçi Cad. No: 16, 34250 Şişli / İstanbul

Al Hallab Fisekhane: +90 212 542 18 81 / +90 530 236 08 81
Kazlıçeşme Mah. Kennedy Cad, No: 52 V, 34020 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul

P.S. Don’t let the delicious soups and kebabs fool you as some of the guests pop in ONLY to taste Al Hallab famous Künefe.

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