Ramadan Food Ideas with Lebanese Cuisine

Ramadan Food Ideas with Lebanese Cuisine

Hommus, Kabab, Falafel, Tabouleh… Every gourmet’s path should pass through the colorful world of these delicious dishes known all over the world. Lebanese cuisine is in Istanbul with Al Hallab TR for those who love and want to meet these tastes.

The spices, fragrances and colorful presentations of Lebanese food will leave a unique taste on the tongue. As Al Hallab TR, we have listed the most delicious Lebanese foods that will suit your iftar tables during Ramadan, one of the most special months of the year.

  1. Mixed Grill Platter
  2. Fatteh Kraidis
  3. Hommus Bil Lahme
  4. Frikeh Dijej
  5. Mamoul Bil Ashta

The most delicious Kebab varieties, Fatteh with its tasty combination of shrimp, yoghurt and tahini, Firekeh Dijej prepared with green wheat and roast chicken, Hummus with lamb meat, Mamoul Bil Ashta with semolina and cream… You can find the most delicious Lebanese foods with colorful presentations in Al Hallab TR.

You should try Al Hallab TR’s dazzling foods with their rich flavors. In addition to these delicious foods that you will want another plate, various, healthy and satisfying Iftar Menus are waiting for you at Al Hallab TR.

You can visit www.alhallabtr.com and call us on +90 533 688 18 19 to sweeten your traditional Ramadan table with these delicious dishes.

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