Start the New Year Off in a Relaxing Environment

Start the New Year Off in a Relaxing Environment

Have you had enough stress, hectic rush, ups and downs in the past year? Do you just want to relax and start the New Year in peace? How about a cozy comfortable evening, where you can take a lot of time for yourself and your loved ones?



Some may think this sounds boring at first, but actually, celebrating New Year Eve this way has so many advantages!

As we all know, New Year Eve is one of the most popular holidays in Turkey. You can have a chill night with family and friends at two of the most peaceful tension-free restaurants in town; Al Hallabtr Nisantasi and Al Hallabtr Fisekhane, Buyukyali.



Not all people want the long queues in front of clubs or toilets. You definitely don’t like to fight your way to the bar for a glass of champagne for about half an hour.

You can dance as wildly and exuberantly as you want but also sit down and get cozy on your seat one second later.



So, make your New Year Eve a real blast at Al Hallabtr while enjoying the advantages of dining in a relaxing atmosphere. Start your last meal of 2021 with tasty appetizers, a large delicious family dinner, and end it with fun desserts.

Al Hallabtr requires early reservations. You can simply call +90 212 542 18 81 to book.



Just keep in mind that the traffic may be intense in the evening of December 31. Remember you need enough time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy all the tasty items offered to you at Al Hallabtr.



Hope the New Year bring you lots of reasons to smile.


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