User Agreement



We would like to thank you for your interest in Al Hallab website. You are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions as of beginning to use our website by your access.


  1. Approval of the Agreement

Users may subscribe to Al Hallab system by filling in the user registration form or from the address of (“Website”) through social media network subscriptions (Facebook and Instagram etc.) or from over the websites covering the websites accessible through the Web Site. Each Al Hallab user (“Member”) accepts and acknowledges to comply with the provisions of this Terms and Conditions for the Use of Al Hallab Webside and Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) executed with Nish Global Gıda Turizm Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Al Hallab”).


  1. Services Within the Scope of the Agreement and Al Hallab’s System

The Website governed by this Agreement is a website that enables its members to order food and beverage through internet upon the completion of his/her membership process through the Website, and to receive delivery services following a duly-placed order.


Each Al Hallab user declares an e-mail address to registers in Al Hallab system. Username determined in Al Hallab system is exclusively given to each Member as members’ e-mail addresses, and the same username cannot be given to different members.


Each Al Hallab user is required to enter his/her own username or registered e-mail address and password in order to connect to Al Hallab system. This process amounts to logging in Al Hallab’s system.


The Member’s password is only known to the relevant Member. Should the Member forget his/her password, Al Hallab shall send a link to the Member’s e-mail address upon request, for creating a new password. The Member is solely responsible for determining and protecting the password and Al Hallab shall not be liable for the problems or damages stemming from password use to the fullest extent.


  1. Membership Process

3.1. Each Member owns a “username” or an e-mail address and a “password” determined by himself/herself.

3.2. “Username” is exclusively given to each Member as is for e-mail addresses, and the same username cannot be given to any other Member.

3.3. Each Member is required to enter his/her own username or registered e-mail address and password in order to connect to the system of the Website. This process is defined as logging in the system at the Website.

3.4. When created, password is only within the knowledge of the relevant Member. In the case that the Member has forgotten his/her password, Al Hallab shall send a link to the registered e-mail address of the Member upon request in order to enable the Member to create a new password. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to determine and protect the password and Al Hallab shall not be liable for the problems or damages stemming from the usage of password.

3.5. Al Hallab may inform its Members of the promotions which they may benefit from, and of new services and projects included in Al-Hallab’s system via e-mail. Al Hallab may also reach its Members and share different promotions, campaigns and similar information with them through any kind of communication channels including social media which the Members have shared with Al Hallab’s system.

3.6. The name, address and telephone number information registered in Al Hallab’s system by the Member may be shared with third-party service providers that will deliver the order for the purposes of faster and complete delivery of the ordered Products.

3.7. The Member irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes not to hold Al Hallab liable for any kind of problems or damages stemming from transferring his/her name, address and telephone number information registered in the system to such third-party service providers delivering the ordered Products.

3.8. Al Hallab owns all the intellectual property of the data and information created through the usage of its system. Utilising this information, Al Hallab may prepare demographic reports or may itself use such reports or information and may share these reports and/or statistics with its service providers and third parties with or without charge. Activities of such kind do not constitute a violation of the provisions of Al Hallab’s Personal Data Privacy Policy and Information Notice as per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.


  1. Delivery and Payment

If the Member is not present at the declared address during the process for delivery of the Products, the ordered Products shall never be delivered to any other address. In this respect, the Member is obliged to acknowledge his/her liability arising from his order to an address where he/she is not present. In the event that the ordered Products have been delivered at the address declared by the Member, the delivery will be deemed to have been duly made, even if a mistaken address is declared. The Member may make the payment for ordered products through online payment or at delivery.


  1. Obligations of the Member

While benefitting from Al Hallab’s services, the Member agrees, declares and undertakes the following:


  1. The information provided in the user registration form is correct, and he/she shall be liable for any damages he/she or third parties might suffer due to such information being erroneous or defective (such as forgetting password) when such information is needed and that his/her Al Hallab membership may be terminated in such cases,
  2. He/she shall be solely responsible for any actions performed using the username or the registered e-mail address,
  3. The copyrights, commercial secrets and other intellectual property of products, services and software provided by Al Hallab is under the ownership of Al Hallab and he/she shall not in any case produce their copies and/or distribute them,
  4. He/she holds liability for any personal idea, thought, expression, documents added to Al Hallab social media accounts and system, his/her personal information shared with Al Hallab,
  5. If the payment is not made via Online Payment Method, the Member is obliged to make the payment for the services in the amount which he/she was previously informed of, at the time of delivery through the payment method chosen, and otherwise, the Products may not be delivered.
  6. The Member’s consent covers any records, information and/or materials received through the use of the Website and Al Hallab’s social media accounts, and he/she solely bears the responsibility for breakdowns, loss of information and other losses that may occur in their own computers and he/she shall not hold Al Hallab liable for any damages that may arise from using Al Hallab’s services.
  7. The Member shall not use Al Hallab products and services for commercial or advertisement purposes without obtaining prior consent from Al Hallab.
  8. During the use of Al Hallab’s services, the Member shall bear the liability for personal and contact information transferred to the Website and Al Hallab’s social media accounts and under no circumstance shall Al Hallab be held liable for the information conveyed by the Member. The Member shall solely be liable for such information.
  9. He/she shall not send information or programs that may harm the Website, communication channels or software.
  10. Al Hallab may monitor the whole system at any time or consistently and Al Hallab holds the right to make necessary interferences and/or cease to provide the Member with services and terminate his/her membership in case of non-compliance with these terms and conditions.
  11. Any fees, information, images, descriptions and news on the Website (wholly “Information”) are intended only for promotion and providing information and the Member shall not claim that the Information is mistaken or misleading and/or shall not claim damages stemming from the Information. The Member is obliged to procure final and reliable information from Al Hallab in the case that he/she intends to enter into an agreement or a transaction, and Al Hallab shall not be liable for any information on the Website that is not up-to-date.
  12. He/she shall not misuse the services placed on the Website, in Al Hallab’s and other related systems and applications; and shall not take any action such as to contradict or infringe the rights of other users of the system and shall be solely responsible for any damages which Al Hallab or any third party may suffer; and Al Hallab holds the right to terminate or limit the Member’s account or the user name, profile picture or similar parts of the account or to terminate Al Hallab membership in the case that such misuse is identified.
  13. The Member has accepted the Cookie Policy, the cookies are used in Al Hallab system as the pieces of information transferred by the Website to the cookie file in the hard disk of users’ computers and they enable users to surf through the Website and when necessary, facilitate providing content meeting the needs of users accessing the Website.
  14. All orders placed and purchases through the Website and other platforms are intended only for personal use and not intended for resale.


  1. Al Hallab’s Rights

During providing the products and services and use of the Website, Al Hallab will have the following rights:


  1. Al Hallab may temporarily suspend or completely stop the operation of the system at any time. Al Hallab may change, temporarily suspend, or completely cease any payment method. Al Hallab shall not have any liability for pre-notification of any change, temporary suspension, or complete cessation of the system against its users or third parties and the Member shall not claim any damages in this respect.
  2. Al Hallab is entitled to change the information on prices and specifications of the products offered on the Website any time without an obligation of pre-notification. When any mistake in the information on prices and specifications occurred, Al Hallab may deliver the products by correcting such mistake or cancel the order.
  3. Al Hallab may utilize the information provided by the Member through the Website, Al Hallab’s other systems /social media pages in order to enhance the use of the Website, contact the Members, and meet the company’s needs and in cases where law requires. Such information may be shared with Al Hallab’s employees and third parties at any stage of order delivery, and may be used during the Member’s use of the Website, or in analyses concerning use of the Website.
  4. Unless the Member requests otherwise, Al Hallab may send SMS or e-mails to the Member on its products, services, discounts, promotions, and campaigns in order to enhance the quality of its services and customer satisfaction.
  5. Al Hallab owns the property rights and copyrights on the information, documents, software, designs, graphic works which it produces itself and/or purchases from third parties.
  6. Al Hallab may switch services not requiring membership to services requiring membership, introduce additional services, partially or wholly change its services, or turn them into paid services any time.
  7. Username, e-mail address and password shall be viewed and approved upon filling the application form provided by Al Hallab. Al Hallab may exclusively and for an indefinite period prevent users who have filled the application form or who have already logged in the system, to use a new password or their existing passwords.
  8. Al Hallab may amend or revoke the provisions of this Agreement or add new clauses in order to address future technical necessities, to comply with laws, or when it deems necessary.


  1. Personal Data

The Member accepts and acknowledges that, in accordance with the principles set forth in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, he/she has provided his/her explicit consent for, processing, transfer to third parties and abroad, of their personal data (“Personal Data”) such as his/her name, surname, e-mail address(es), delivery address(es), phone number, by approving this Agreement and during his/her navigating through the Website. Such processing of the Personal Data and transfer of the same abroad and to third parties are based on the legal relationship between the Member and Al Hallab. In accordance with this contractual relationship, the Personal Data can be processed, transferred to third parties and abroad or used anonymously by Al Hallab and the companies belonging to the same group with Al Hallab, and Al Hallab’s business partners in contractual relationship for marketing, analytical and statistical purposes. In addition, the Member accepts and acknowledges that he/she has explicitly consented to record, process, and list of order information (specifications of ordered products, unit number of the order, order time, order address, the Member’s actions during his/her visit to the Website (or to other mobile or electronic media) etc. and other data apart from the Personal Information (“Data”) by Al Hallab and the companies belonging to the same group with Al Hallab, and Al Hallab’s business partners in contractual relationship; and to anonymously use the same in order to enhance Al Hallab’s services, or to run several applications or programs on the Website.


  1. Refunds

As for the orders for which payments made online, refund of the payment to the Member will be made only in the following cases:


  • Compelling cancellation of the order due to the Member’s address falling outside of the delivery area or due to the order amount falling below the minimum delivery threshold;
  • When the order is not prepared by Al Hallab or the order is cancelled upon the Member’s request provided that such cancellation is approved by Al Hallab even if the order was prepared;
  • Partial or complete compelling cancellation of the order due to the partial or complete lack of the ordered products in the restaurant;
  • Cancellation of the order upon Al Hallab’s approval due to late deliveries.


If a receipt or invoice related to the order subject to cancellation has been issued and delivered to the Member, such receipt or invoice is required to be returned to the relevant restaurant employee.


Al Hallab reserves its right to refrain from refund of the payment for the reasons attributable to the Member (e.g. the Member’s absence at the address, providing wrong address information, not accepting delivery of the order). In the event that the option of payment at delivery is selected and the delivery failed due to the reasons attributable to the Member, Al Hallab is entitled to unilaterally block the Member’s future orders and/or to request its damages stemming from such non-delivery from the Member.


  1. Effective Date

This Agreement shall enter into force between the Parties for an indefinite period of time, as of the date when the Member fills the registration form.


  1. Language

 The Website also includes the Turkish version of this Agreement. The English version of this Agreement is drawn up only for information purposes. The Buyer is deemed to execute the Turkish version of the Agreement. If there is any discrepancy between the English and Turkish version, Turkish version shall prevail.


  1. Termination

The Parties may unilaterally terminate this Agreement anytime. The Parties’ claims from each other shall survive such termination and remain in force. Al Hallab is entitled to unilaterally suspend or terminate the Member’s account/membership without any prior notice or justification.